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Compaction Issues

While attending the Northern Soil Compaction conference.  Speakers from the US, Canada, Sweden, and Switzerland presented their research on the causes of soil compaction and solutions to remedy.  The biggest take-home was that researchers found the leading yield robbing compaction was caused by large center fill planters.  Dr. Shearer (OSU) shared that the first tracks you buy for your farm should be on the planter.  Planter widths vary but they found an average of 7.4 bu/acre corn yield lost across wheeled planters.  Your second investment should be on the grain cart he says.  Finally, tracks aren’t perfect.  They do more surface compaction which impacts soybean yields the most.  A 2-year study looking at the impact of grain cart tracks on future soybean yields found the width of the tracks reduced soybean yields by 17 bu/acre.

Updated: March 14, 2022 — 9:28 pm
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