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Soil Sampling


Soil Sampling

Eagle Ag focuses on aggressively taking quality soil samples.  We test for multiple crop limiting nutrients and other soil characteristics such as P, K, pH, ZN, Salinity and CEC.

We have several options available for soil testing including grid and 20 acre sampling.  The grip sampling allows us to effectively establish the variability in your field and best determine whether varying the rate of fertilizer across your field will provide the best return for your investment.

We set the benchmark for having the latest software and technology to analyze the soil test levels to determine the cost differences between using a single rate application or a variable one.


Eagle Ag is now taking moisture readings in your field while soil sampling.  This will give us a better understanding of other factors that affect yield.  After we have taken these measurements, we will compile a map of your field’s moisture levels.  This will be useful in identifying where tile may be needed and finding those soils with the best water holding capacity.

Compaction is a new topic that Eagle Ag is striving to learn more about.  We have a compaction meter that will read how much compaction is in your field at every inch down to 18″.  We will provide a report and map to show where your compaction is and run an analysis with your yield map to see how it could be impacting your yields.

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