Eagle Ag Consulting

"Revenue Based Agronomy"

Precision Ag Services

Precision agriculture is the science of improving crop yields and assisting management decisions using high tech sensor platforms and analysis tools. Precision ag can be conducted at the Farm level, Field level, or specific management zones within a particular field. Yield data allows you to identify which fields are a priority by the problems identified on the yield maps such as Drainage Problems, Hybrid analysis, Check Strips (acts as the “control”  in field trials), Product comparisons, Soil fertility problems, and Compaction/traffic plans to name a few.


Spatial Data and Precision Ag services are critical for our clients, with the technological advances in agricultural equipment, we at Eagle Ag can provide cutting edge analysis and report options.
By comparing variables within your field over several spatial data functions we are able to provide you with more precise recommendations and give you the best cost comparisons for your operation as a whole

Reports & Analysis

Having the ability to compare and analyze hybrid performance, soil types, soil test levels and mutli-year averages just to name a few, is where Eagle Ag is setting the standard for crop consulting.
Many agricultural businesses offer “free” services in return for your business but the quality is always compromised.  We offer real cost comparison solutions based on the spatial data your provide and our analysis software to offer real-cost saving solutions that can be put back into your farming operation.

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